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$29.95 ea.

#3752 12" Blueprint Shears
Clauss Blueprint shears are especially designed
for those people who need extra-long, extra-strong
shears for Blueprints and other big jobs. The extra
sharp points make out shears the preferred shears
for trimming any large work. Also, as our most
powerful office shears, they will do more with less
effort than any other office shears and make your
tough jobs easier.

Terms: Net 30 Days
FOB: Warehouse
Delivery: Immediate

Special: Buy 6@$24.50+
get free freight.


High Carbon Cutlery Grade Steel
Quality tools start with quality steel. The more carbon in the steel, the longer the life of the tool. Cutlery grade steel usually means high uniformity and strict
control over trace elements in the steel. Clauss uses high carbon cutlery steel to insure the best quality tools possible.